Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When sadness calls

The last few weeks have been very difficult for my family and I. My mother was murdered in her home early in the morning just after my father had gone to work. He is devastated as he loved her very much! When thinking about these weeks they seem to merge into a blur I often forget things or forget to do things, and just seem to be crying all the time.

When thinking about life’s successes, photographs have helped – we have many photographs which remind one of the wonderful times we had together and this helps the pain.

My advice to you would be  - take the photographs, take as many as you can! They really help!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Learning by doing!

When teaching we need to make the learning experience real for the children, make it alive. We remember better when we use more of our senses, by "experiencing" learning. Solving a problem practically makes us think differently! Take the children out of the class, allow them to do experiments or build items. Allow them to engage and work with the learning material, so that they really understand what they are doing, and so that they can apply that knowledge or experience to another situation. Get them to think!

"Learning from Experience" By Marcia L. Conner provides some interesting thought and ideas!(see the link!)

Make the learning truly meaningful in your classroom, so that the children or students are excited about coming into your teaching space!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Education Week 2010

The Technology Education Indaba highlighted the fact that we need to go out as teachers and explore the new technologies, bring them into our classrooms, encourage change! We need to think differently! We need to not be afraid to use technoogy in our lessons,technology the children can relate to! We need to go out and explore for ourselves, so that be can make a difference to the way we educate our children.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How time flies!

Time really does fly – my baby, has just turned 19! Nineteen years have flown by, over the years we have had lots of fun! Watching the children grow is such a privilege and pleasure! Lots of fun and games at the birthday parties! The antics and joys! Early mornings were not her strength – even today! On some mornings before school, she’d say, “No, go away!” and pull the duvet over her head! She loved being outdoors, playing with her sister, climbing trees, riding bikes, having fun! It is wonderful to have such incredible children, who are considerate and caring of others!
Thanks girls for being so great!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spoil yourself - making glass beads!

As days whizz by and become weeks and then years, one often forgets to spoil one’s self once in a while. This I just have done – I went on a two day – glass bead-making course, and it was the most exciting experience. The control and wonder of working with the melting glass, which looked a mixture of lava and rich honey, which was so pliable in one’s hands was amazing! As colours where added and combined, a spirals and whirls were made – what a wondered! As the colours changed back to the original colour as the glass cooled was incredible to watch! What fun!
I have promised myself that once the studying is over – I will do more and allow the creativity a change to flow!
What delight!
We should all do things like this more often, in the busy-ness of city life, we need to remember to make our minds and souls grow, feel loved and to care for others, and also to remember ourselves in the equation!