Thursday, February 16, 2012

Assessment, Testing, Finding out where the child is at? Let technology help you!

As teachers constantly want or need to know how the children are coping with what is being taught! We mark books, listen to questions and answer them and we give them tests! As technology is changing we could be using these amazing technologies to make our ‘lives’ easier!

If while we are teaching we use interactive response systems, we can ask the children in are classes questions! Yes, you say, we do this! But by using technology to help you, you, the teacher, can ask the children the question, but now they can ALL ANSWER your question at the same time! So all the children are involved, not just those who put up their hands and who want to answer! 

The positive side of this is that everyone needs to be attentive throughout the lesson – as they all need to respond! The answers are recorded and you can use them both during and after the lesson to assess whether your class is coping with what is being taught!

Another way of using technology to assist us with all the marking is using an assessment programme. These allow the teacher to create and enter the questions, and then as the learners’ answer the questions they are marked!

What a win on our part as teachers! Technology to help assess while we are teaching and in formal situations! We set the questions, but the questions are marked as they are answered. Some assessment programmes can even generate reports and progress information!

The children enjoy this type of assessment or question, and answer session during lessons, as they see it as fun!
So it's a win-win situation!
Let’s use technology to make our lessons exciting and meaningful, to both the student and the teacher!