Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spoil yourself - making glass beads!

As days whizz by and become weeks and then years, one often forgets to spoil one’s self once in a while. This I just have done – I went on a two day – glass bead-making course, and it was the most exciting experience. The control and wonder of working with the melting glass, which looked a mixture of lava and rich honey, which was so pliable in one’s hands was amazing! As colours where added and combined, a spirals and whirls were made – what a wondered! As the colours changed back to the original colour as the glass cooled was incredible to watch! What fun!
I have promised myself that once the studying is over – I will do more and allow the creativity a change to flow!
What delight!
We should all do things like this more often, in the busy-ness of city life, we need to remember to make our minds and souls grow, feel loved and to care for others, and also to remember ourselves in the equation!