Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Excitement in the classroom - we create it!

As teachers we create the environment in our classrooms! How do we do this?
We set the tone and manner in which a lesson progresses and the atmosphere within the space!
We should create opportunities for the children to feel comfortable expressing their ideas and views!
We should expose the children to interesting people they may not have though of investigating - whether it is through a book, a blog, a website or other media - allow them to find out about others!
Create activities and lessons which allow the children to grow and explore their own strengths and even their weaknesses within a safe learning space - can I climb a tree? how fast can I read with understanding? am I able to solve the problem within the given time frame? can I build a successful model bridge which can hold the given load?
Do we allow children to use new technologies, which they find interesting and even important, within our teaching spaces?
Lessons should encourage children to want to learn, explore and find out - do we offer the children in our care that space?
We should LISTEN to the children we teach, learning from them!
We should create the excitement within the classroom - so that the children want to be there, so they want to learn!
We, each and every teacher, we hold the key to making learning exciting!

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